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For a decade, from the time I was two years old, we had a home with three-generations: my father's aunt lived with us. Auntie May had been a Latin teacher (she was born in 1878 and had a college degree; really uncommon) and she used to tell me the Greek and Roman myths but, even better, she was an artist and worked primarily in water color. I remember going out in the backyard with her while she painted. Auntie May would look at my childish drawings and delight over them so I was encouraged from early days and was an art major in school. It wasn't until college when I took a water color class that I really appreciated just what a fine artist she was.

There's some of my artwork on this page but, even better, there are links to pages for some of my artist friends.
Painting of Genesis 7:11 by Lynn Maudlin
Genesis 7:11
"In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened."

acrylic on canvas; copyright 2002 Lynn Maudlin


River Leaves by Lynn Maudlin

         River Leaves
I painted this as a young married woman, trying to make sense of my married name... the painting has lived in my son's home for many years but he recently sent me a digital photo - thanks, Shannon!

acrylic on masonite; copyright 1971 Lynn Maudlin

      The Good Stuff: Friends' Art



             Wailing Wall
             by Dr. Suuqiina
Suuqiina is a painter, musician, teacher, and scholar. In partnership with his wife Qaumaniq, they operate Indigenous Messengers International, a ministry of teaching and reconciliation. He brings his life experience, as an Inuit growing up in Alaska, to his life and work.

copyright 2009 by Suuqiina
Wings by Sue Dawe
Wings by Sue Dawe
This is one of my favorite Sue Dawe paintings: it's called "Wings" and I actually own the original - I wake every morning to look at this beautiful oil painting.

copyright Sue Dawe
Vytas Sakalas

         Atmansphere #15 by Vytas Sakalas
I grew up with Vytas Sakalas; he was one of the Lithuanian kids I hung out with in high school. Besides being a fine drummer and a dear, entertaining soul, he's a brilliant artist. Really, seriously fine artist.

oil on canvas; copyright 2002 Vytas Sakalas

Moonbird Music logo
Denise M. DesLauriers
Denise M. DesLauriers very graciously allowed me to use a piece of her beautiful scratchboard art as the basis for my Moonbird Music logo. Wander through some of her galleries and you will be very impressed.

copyright Denise M. DesLauriers
Patrick Wynne

         Melkor and Ungoliantë
         by Patrick Wynne
I first met Patrick at a Mythcon in the mid 1980s; he hasn't changed. I figure there's an horrific portrait in his attic. In addition to his brilliance with a pen, Pat has a wacky, wicked sense of humor.

pen & ink; copyright 1993 Patrick Wynne
Ted Nasmith
Departure at the Grey Havens
by Ted Nasmith
Ted Nasmith is one of the world's top Tolkien illustrators and a fine musician and songwriter; he put lots of his work up on his website; go and enjoy!

gouache on illustration board; copyright 1996 by Ted Nasmith
Paula DiSante

         "Thingol and Melian Mourn the Loss of Luthien"
         by Paula DiSante
My friend Paula is a brilliant screenwriter (she wrote the adaptation of Connie Willis's award-winning novel, Doomsday Book) but my first awareness of her talent came through the black & white illustrations she drew for Mythlore.

pen & ink; copyright 1986 Paula DiSante
Henning Janssen

Elven Harpist
by Henning Janssen
I met Henning at the Tolkien 2005 conference in Birmingham, England. He is delightful and a talented musician as well as artist.

watercolour; copyright 2004 Henning Janssen
Kevin Farrell

         Kevin Farrell
Storyboard artist, musician, hail fellow well met; Kevin is Eleanor Farrell's brother and the three of us make an annual pilgrimage to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to enjoy the Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition.

copyright 2009 Kevin Farrell

Cliff Cramp

             Sir Lady
             by Cliff Cramp
Cliff teaches illustration at California Statue University, Fullerton. We met online and I was struck by the way he honors and appreciates his wife; she is the model for this piece. I had the pleasure of meeting them both in person at a faculty art show in 2009.

copyright 2008 by Cliff Cramp
Doug TenNapel

         Doug TenNapel
Doug is another brilliant & opinionated guy that I met through an online community and later met IRL; he has created videogames, graphic novels, television shows and movie scripts.

copyright Doug TenNapel
Clay in the Potter's Hands companion calendar 2011

January 2011
by Lynn Maudlin
I had the pleasure of assisting my good friend Diana Glyer with the layout and design of her wonderful devotional book, Clay in the Potter's Hands and create a companion calendar for 2010... and later 2011. Now we're up to 2021! This is the image for January of 2011, a digital collage created from a photo of Diana's hands taken by her nephew Adam Bradley and various other elements, pushed around and manipulated; it makes me happy. You can see all the art from all the calendars on Flickr.
copyright 2010 Lynn Maudlin
October Calendar
         Rejected October
         by Lynn Maudlin
In working on the 2010 calendar for Diana Glyer's book, Clay in the Potter's Hands, I created this image for October, of which I am rather fond. But it evoked fearful sensations in the Glyer household so I went with a more tame approach. Still, I like this, the evocation of fire & season (after all, the photograph is of a kiln with pots stacked inside) and orange pumpkins...

mixed media; copyright 2010 Lynn Maudlin
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