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On Sunrider's Cleansing Teas,
Herb Foods and Supplements

Lynn Maudlin here. More than a decade ago my friend Wendy asked to practice a pitch on me; she'd gotten involved with a multi-level marketing company called Sunrider and while she was a great prosecutor, she didn't think she had skills as a sales person. I listened to the pitch and I was impressed with the product and I said, "okay, sign me up!"
Now I've learned that I do not have the gifts of a salesman and, that if I'm going to promote anything, it's going to be Jesus Christ but, that said, I've been drinking Sunrider's Calli® and Fortune Delight® all this time and I am personally convinced that a great deal of my general good health can be laid at the doorstep of these two cleansing beverages and Sunrider's herb food, NuPlus.

Calli Tea            Fortune Delight              Stevia            NuPlus              Single Herbs
Calli® Tea

Calli® is a concentrated blend of green and black tea and unique herbal extracts carefully balanced to provide support to the body's natural cleansing processes. Full of healthy catechins (naturally occuring polyphenol chemicals), the antioxidants in Calli help absorb damaging free radicals. Green and black tea come from the same herb, Camellia sinensis, but differ in preparation: Green tea is heated whole with dry air or steam; black tea is fermented, rolled and allowed to air dry. The different drying methods allow different antioxidant phytonutrients with many catechins to remain. Camellia sinensis is known to reduce fat and cholesterol in the body by improving liver function.
Because Calli® and Fortune Delight® are concentrated, it would be difficult to drink enough black and green tea to fully enjoy the same preventative benefits of the catechins. At the same time, while Calli® and Fortune Delight® have minor amounts of caffeine, black and green tea typically have much more. With the additional herbs added to the combination of green and black teas for their cleansing benefits and phytonutrient qualities, while green and black tea is from only one herb.

Brewing Calli® Tea
Calli® Tea is a powerful cleansing agent! And because the herbs are 'sprayed' onto the tea leaves, do not make a single cup of tea and then retain the bag to use in another cup! No, make a whole pot out of that one tea bag. First, it's that powerful; I routinely use a single tea bag in my coffee maker (an automatic coffee maker provides a good temperature as you don't want to BOIL Calli; that kills off some of the good stuff), so I get 12 cups of Calli from a single tea bag. But, secondly, the herbs will almost all come off in that first cup of tea, so the first cup will be extremely cleansing; this is probably not the effect you want. Don't reheat it in the microwave as you'll destroy the live enzymes.

Because of the live enzymes, please don't leave brewed Calli® tea unrefrigerated for days in a hot climate... or a hot car. You can also spread the used tea leaves in your plants and they will love it.
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Calli® comes in Regular, Mint & Cinnamon flavors. There is also Calli® Night: a special herbal formula in a tea bag which contains a different exclusive combination of herbs. It is designed for people who enjoy a cup of herbal beverage at night to help get a good night's sleep. You can drink it during the day to help you relax when under stress.

Fortune Delight
Fortune Delight®

Fortune Delight® is another tea product from Sunrider; unlike Calli®, Fortune Delight® doesn't come in tea bag form but rather as a concentrated powder and therefore can be mixed with hot or cold water and doesn't require brewing. Like Calli®, Fortune Delight® provides a wealth of antioxidant benefits. Catechins are naturally occurring polyphenol chemicals found in Camellia extract, the primary ingredient in Fortune Delight®. These antioxidants have been shown effective in absorbing damaging free radicals.

Fortune Delight® comes in Regular, Cinnamon, Lemon, Raspberry, and Peach flavors (Peach is my personal favorite). I like to brew a pot of Regular Calli® and then add a packet of Peach Fortune Delight®; another nice combination is Mint Calli® and Lemon Fortune Delight®.
I carry packets of Fortune Delight® in my purse so I can mix it with water when I eat out. And, if I want a sweeter taste, I add a little stevia.


I'd never heard of Stevia until I started using Sunrider products, back in 1999. Stevia rebaudiana bertoni is a plant belonging to the chrysanthemum family. It is native to South America. Stevia leaves have been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples who added it to bitter medicines and teas; it is a remarkable herb that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.*

Sunrider's Dr. Chen was instrumental in convincing the FDA to allow Stevia to be legally sold in America and Sunrider sells Stevia in two liquid forms:

The SunnyDew® and Sunectar® supplements are a potent liquid blend of stevia leaf extract and chrysanthemum flowers. Other brands commonly use a chemical reaction to process stevia, altering its natural structure. However, the stevia in Sunrider's SunnyDew® and Sunectar® undergoes a unique purifying and concentration process that preserves the natural structure found in its whole food form. SunnyDew® is very light in color and flavor, highly concentrated and all natural; it is an excellent dietary supplement to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.*

Sunectar® is darker in color and more intense in flavor than SunnyDew®. It's another great choice for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.


NuPlus® is Sunrider's concentrated herb food; it comes in single packets and is a great addition to smoothies or hot cereal (the Apple-Cinnamon flavor is especially nice but don't boil it or microwave it: you'll kill the live enzymes which are so good for you; I add it to my cereal after it's cooked), or even mixed up with a little Calli® tea and eaten like pablum! My grandkids loved it that way, with just a smidgen of milk to give it a slightly creamy quality - if I feel under the weather, that's the way I eat it, too.

The first time I ate NuPlus®, I felt almost a "bzzzt!" as if my body recognized it as the food I had been craving but didn't know to ask for; I ate NuPlus® twice a day for years and I think it built a healthy core of new cells in my body. I still get that sense of body-satisfaction when I eat NuPlus® although I recognize I am quite uncommon in responding with a physically tangible sense of well-being. I encourage you, if you're looking to strengthen your immune system and consume a very pure food, try eating NuPlus® for three months and see how you feel.

NuPlus® comes in the following flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Pina Banana, Mixed Berry, Naturally Plain (slight apple taste, in my opinion), and Simply Herbs (no distinct flavor of its own). In addition to NuPlus®, Sunrider makes VitaShake® (NuPlus® with additional vitamin supplements to address the needs of people on a liquid diet), SunBar® (a meal-replacement bar with lots of NuPlus® in it), and NuPuffs® (a NuPlus®-rich snack food!).


Spirulina is a species of edible micro algae, a "green food" supplement that Sunrider produces in capsule form. Spirulina is about 60% protein; it's a "complete protein" and contains all the essential amino acids (and lots of non-essential amino acids, too). The iron in blue-green algae has been found to be more easily absorbed by the digestive system than the iron found in spinach and various other plant sources. Spirulina also contains Pro-vitamin A, which is converted to Vitamin A by the body.

Chinese Goldenseal Root
Chinese Goldenseal Root

Chinese Goldenseal Root is a pungent, very bitter herb, considered one of the major beneficial herbs in Chinese culture. It contains Berberin and Coptisin and is believed to soothe the mucous membranes and respiratory tract. It has been used traditionally for a variety of purposes, including tonics to help circulation and to support the immune system.*


I am very happy to sell you Calli® and/or Fortune Delight® teas, NuPlus® and the other herb foods as well as SunnyDew® and Sunectar® stevia supplements. Frankly, I heartily recommend all of Sunrider's remarkable products: their quality and consistency are extraordinary. The herb foods are powerful nutrition; the single herbs and the herbal concentrates are powerful and effective (for instance, I use Sunrider's Chinese Goldenseal Root capsules when I'm fighting any kind of infection). Their skin care line and hair care are wonderful and very pure, especially if you have sensitive skin, as I do.

I am delighted to talk about Sunrider products and help you decide what might be most useful for you; please don't hesitate to contact me by email: Lynn AT lynnmaudlin DOT com will always reach me.

Download a PDF of this information here (shipping not included).

assam glass teapot Calli®
Box of 10 Tea bags     $12.75
Box of 60 Tea bags     $71.60

Calli® Night
Box of 10 Tea bags     $15.35
Box of 60 Tea bags     $81.10

Fortune Delight®
Box of 10 packets       $12.75
Box of 60 packets       $71.60

1 fluid ounce bottle     $20.20

1 fluid ounce bottle     $19.20

NuPlus® - All flavors except Simply Herbs and Original
Box of 10 packets          $21.65
Box of 60 packets        $121.05

NuPlus® Simply Herbs
Box of 10 packets          $24.15
Box of 60 packets        $128.65

NuPlus® Original (no soybeans)
Box of 60 packets          $132.60

Bottle of 100 capsules     $32.85

Chinese Goldenseal Root
Bottle of 100 capsules     $47.65
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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